Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Different funcktion's av sender

Different series' av sender
Different categories:
Smart Wireless AV Senders support two group av input, support 38/56khz infrared remote control. more suitable used with dvd & sky box with tv.
Wireless AV Senders & IR support one group av input, support 38khz infrared remote control. more suitable used with dvd/sky box with tv.
Audio video senders support one group av input, but do not support av input. more suitable used with cctv camera with tv.
Two group av input means user can connect dvd and sky box with transmitter at the same times and switch the signal source at easy.
IR Remote control means user can switch the channels at tv end.
normally, we use tv and sky box in the same room, change channels is by control the sky box, if sky box and tv in the different room, then user need arrange a cable from sky box to tv, also can not change channels at tv end, must be sky box ends,
but if the user use our wireless av sender with ir remote control, then no need arrange cable from sky box and tv, and could switch channels at tv end.

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